Blue-collar (adjective):

(2) : having characteristics associated with blue-collar workers
<their blue-collar work ethic>
: such as
a : having, showing, or appealing to unpretentious . . . tastes
b : dependable and hard-working rather than showy or spectacular

– Merriam-Webster Unabridged

Hannah Eason is an experienced professional book editor, ghostwriter, proofreader, book reviewer, and literary agent who applies a blue-collar work ethic to the creative side of publishing. This means approaching the editing process in a time-tested, methodical way: assessing needs, making recommendations, handling the broadest aspect of the edit (be that a complete manuscript evaluation with page-by-page feedback, developmental editing, or content editing), and then, in separate editing rounds, copyediting and proofreading.

Hannah’s editing career has progressed from apprenticeships and on-the-job training in numerous aspects of publishing to supervised contracts with major traditional publishers to fully independent, large-scale edits, many of which have resulted in books that have been either traditionally published or boosted to popularity and excellent reader ratings via self-publishing channels.


This approach of learning publishing from the ground up in a hands-on manner has given Hannah the experience to ensure that every book she edits appeals to readers with its well-structured, cleverly styled content and professional presentation. While she takes the natural needs of individual book projects into account, and prefers to learn of the author’s own concerns and questions upfront, there are some qualities–the four cs–she always focuses on: clarity, cohesion, consistent usage, and clean (professional) presentation. She has cultivated a book editing approach that preserves authorial voice and perspective while fine-tuning the book to eliminate anything that detracts from its value and to highlight its strengths.

Her contract work includes editing for RosettaBooks and an imprint of a major traditional publisher, along with ghostwriting for BusinessGhost. As a book reviewer, she has worked with Publishers Weekly (PW), Kirkus Indie, and ForeWord. For PW, she also conducted author interviews and served as a judge for both the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and the BookLife Prize in Fiction.

For the nonprofit Her Circle Ezine, she wrote articles, reviewed books, and conducted interviews with authors including Heidi W. Durrow and Amy Greene. She is currently a guest contributor to the blog A Writer’s Path. She also writes short fiction, under a pseudonym; her short stories have been published in Crack the Spine, Front Porch Review, and Literally Stories, among other journals.

Whether you are looking for a literary editor for your debut novel or the newest installment in your series, an editor to fine-tooth-comb your dissertation or thesis for APA compliance, a developmental editor to optimize the structure of your short story collection, a proofreader for your poetry collection, or a content editor for your essay collection who can also ensure consistent adherence to Chicago Manual of Style or AP standards, Hannah Eason can help you. Contact her via the form on this site.


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